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Since its chartering in , Kappa Xi Chapter has set an extraordinarily high standard for fraternal activity in Clark County. The Brothers of the Kappa Xi Chapter take seriously the life of Omega men and work diligently to uphold the ideals our beloved Founders set forth, ever remembering that we must make Omega worth something to itself, and then use our abilities to improve mankind. Throughout this time the Chapter has undertaken and achieved the high standards set forth by our beloved Founders. Although several attempts were made in the early Seventies to organize Omega in Nevada, the idea blossomed into fruition when Brothers Bernard Rivers, Roosevelt Williams, Pelton Stewart, Jeff Stewart and Calvin Atkinson decided to pursue the possibility in earnest. Periodic organizational meetings were held at the A. Guy Center and various Brothers residences throughout the spring and fall of This kind of fraternal devotion led to the chartering of Kappa Xi Chapter in February, This memorable ceremony took place during the District Council meeting presided over by 12th District Representative; Dr. Several weeks later, the Brothers engaged the services of Attorney-at-law Robert Archie and, with this, Omega became a reality under the statutes of the state of Nevada.

Talkin’ ‘Bout Nothin’: Black Greek-letter Organizations and Hazing

Online Guestbook Entries Andre Manning May God blessings, peace and love comfort you all in this very difficult moment, Mike will be truly missed Dre’ Greg Waller Jr I am really going to miss how laid back he was. Always calm and could deal with just about anything that came his way. We going to miss you man. Karen Pittman I am so sorry for your loss. Keeping Angie and the family in my prayers.

Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. released an official statement late Sunday night regarding the Facebook Live shooting of a year-old man that took place in Cleveland, Ohio on Sunday. The fraternity’s Grand Basileus sent out an official statement about the shooting of Robert Goodwin.

We must believe that with all we have to do, we can still find the time and energy to do the good that can advance us all. Our chapter is located in heart of Central New Jersey in the beautiful and historic City of Plainfield. In many ways, our chapter mantra can be described in the same breath as its first and most recognizable initiate, the late Bro. Omega Chapter by leadership, humility, and service. The Mighty OX consists of a diverse array of more than 75 African American men dedicated to leading our communities and families with a strong foundation grounded in our Four Cardinal Principles: Manhood, Scholarship, Perseverance, and Uplift.

The Mighty OX has had an outstanding, historic year on many levels. Starting from our being recognized by The Union County Freeholders for our consistent and sustained community service efforts to the City of Plainfield to our being honored with back to back years of International and 2nd District honors including: God has truly shown His favor on us. While awards and recognition are nice and have their place in life, I believe that the true measure of the success of a Chapter can only be seen by its impact on both the community and in lives of the Brotherhood.

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Many early fraternities made reference to Christian principles or to a Supreme Being in general, as is characteristic of fraternal orders. While these limitations have since been abolished by both the Interfraternity Conference and the National Pan-Hellenic Council , students of various ethnicities have come together to form a council of multicultural Greek organizations.

The Multicultural Greek Council, officially formed in , is a coordinating body of 19 Greek organizations, including nine fraternities, and ten sororities with cultural affiliations.

Study 65 Omega Psi Phi – Theta Phi Chapter – Jacksonville, FL flashcards from Clara C. on StudyBlue. Study 65 Omega Psi Phi – Theta Phi Chapter – Jacksonville, FL flashcards from Clara C. on StudyBlue. What was the date that Theta Phi was established in Jacksonville, FL? May 11, Who was the main Brother given credit for the Theta Phi.

Membership Selection Maurice Coffey T Omega Psi Phi Fraternity is a professional organization of college-educated men with similar ideas and like attainments. Manhood — Being appropriate in character and marked by moral excellence, courage; bravery; and resolve Scholarship — Demonstrating an attitude toward education, learning and being informed by achieving or exceeding and maintaining the minimum educational requirements of the fraternity.

This can be demonstrated by presenting obstacles overcome, awards received and honors issued. Uplift — Sharing ones gifts with the community in the form verifiable aid, activism and leadership. If the candidate graduated from a university, that had an active chapter of Omega Psi Phi, during his tenure as an undergraduate student on campus, then he must wait at least 48 months after graduation before applying for membership.

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Graduate of Edinburgh Even though Sigma chapter pledged to keep the sacred light of Omega Psi Phi burning brightly beneath the cold clear light of Canadian stars, the chapter went inactive and was moved to Michigan State University in Lansing, Michigan. As a natural progression, brothers sprinkled across the globe eventually saw the need to organize themselves into chapters and sought recognition from the International body of the Fraternity.

Thus international chapters were chartered around the world, continuing in December

The pledges were asked nonsensical and personal questions, including about their sexual history and preferences and told to drink after each answer by active fraternity members and women invited to participate in “Mom and Dad’s Night,” a non-sanctioned initiation event.

William Duncan Saunders, 15, died of a skull fracture and ruptured aorta when he was roughly flung from a bed during an incident variously described as horseplay unrelated to hazing and hazing. He was a member of Alpha Delta Phi fraternity, but his chapter was not implicated in his demise. Here is a clipping at the time: Walke , 16, blamed his suicide by gunshot over a depression that enveloped him due to New salem School hazing.

Utah finally outlawed the practice after his death, according to the Ogden Standard-Examiner January 10, The death was blamed by his mother on hazing, but cited as illness-related by university then-administrators who nonetheless strongly condemned all acts of hazing. His mother became the first known parent of a hazing victim to become an activist. According to the Milwaukee Journal September 18, Clifford Tweed admitted to being one of those grappling with Aune but denied knowing how the young man suffered a serious spine injury.

The Journal noted that the student body voted to end all hazing. A newspaper in Franklin, Indiana, followed his recovery, setback, and death in detail.

2018 Uplift Awards – November 10, 2018 | 12PM – 3PM

It is UA’s first building specifically designed for nursing instruction. The 64, square foot facility contains a seat auditorium, 3 large classrooms, a computer lab, a bed clinical practice lab, 6 METI simulation labs, 2 quiet study rooms, a student lounge area and administrative offices for faculty and staff. The Simulation Center for Clinical Excellence located on the second floor has six rooms, each containing simulators — ‘life-like mannequins that can be programmed for various conditions such as stroke or heart attack’.

The programs in educational and school psychology and educational research are located on the third floor, and the Office of Student Services is located on the first floor.

Date:1/15/18 Time: 10 am to 5pm Locations: Martin Luther King Jr Towers Community Center and Rowhouse Restaurant The Brothers of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity,Inc. fulfilled a lot of work for the community as a day of Read more.

Pinterest By Michael Harriot years ago today, on November 17th, three men and their graduate advisor gathered in a room in Thirkield Hall on the campus of Howard University. I could talk about the famous members from Michael Jordan to Jesse Jackson. If you are Black, and a Negus who reads, you probably know a Que Dawg. If you know anything about the black college experience, fraternities and sororities, or Black culture in general, you most likely know at least a little about the Que Dawgs.

Many of you already know if one of your close friends is a member of Omega Psi Phi. But what if you are white yes, White people visit this site too. In those rare cases, NegusWhoRead is here to help you determine if your friend, coworker or the love of your life is a Que Dawg. If an entire section of his closet is devoted to purple and gold t-shirts, he might be a Que Dawg. If he has never served in a branch of the armed forces, but owns more camouflage and fatigues than a member of Seal Team 6, he might be a Que Dawg.

Oh, my team lost, someone broke into my car and stole my wallet and I think I twisted my ankle. He is da bruhs. Would you like to attend our event? I just met him.

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Although every human being is unique, there are distinct characteristics that many members of sororities or fraternities share among the members of their respective organizations. While no group of people is a monolith, and we do not wish to stereotype the hundreds of thousands of women in these organizations, we thought we would give you a primer on how to distinguish your friends who pledged Alpha Kappa Alpha from those who are sisters of Delta Sigma Theta.

AKAs always remind you that they were first. Deltas always remind you that most great creations had a first draft.

Jul 19,  · APO is a national, coed service fraternity, so it differs from other Greek organizations in many ways. The three cardinal principles are Leadership, Friendship, and Service.

This event occurred in the office of biology Professor Ernest E. Just, the faculty adviser, in the Science Hall now known as Thirkield Hall. The three liberal arts students were Edgar A. Cooper and Frank Coleman. The phrase was selected as the motto. Manhood, scholarship, perseverance and uplift were adopted as cardinal principles. A decision was made regarding the design for the pin and emblem, and thus ended the first meeting of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity.

The next meeting was conducted on November 23, Eleven Howard University undergraduate men were selected as charter members. Alpha Chapter was organized with fourteen charter members on December 15,


In , the fraternity began expanding outside of New York State. Following the war, the chapters were reactivated, and new chapters opened as well, including one at McGill University in Canada, making PEP an international fraternity. In , the membership of the fraternity reached 11, The national officers most prevalent in these records whose names below are followed by their most active years as national leaders in parentheses are Jesse Acker , Maurice Jacobs , Louis M.

Fushan , Samuel Sherman , and Paul Spiwak Documentation is strongest between and and fairly scant in the s.

Stephen A is a member of the Omega Psi Phi fraternity, an international fraternity with over undergraduate and graduate chapters. Omega Psi Phi is predominantly African-American.

You talkin’ ’bout fiction? Hold up; pardon my back. This is National Hazing Prevention Week, and my hope is that this week there will be some serious and informed dialogue within and outside BGLOs about hazing. I am, however, not optimistic. Over the past ten months, commentators, critics, and concerned citizens have wondered and opined about why hazing persists within student culture. Many have focused — if not more, without question differently — on black student groups vis-a-vis their white counterparts, with physical violence seen as the main issue for the former and substance abuse the latter.

Hazing culture within these groups has been robust for decades, so much so that it has inspired movies e. The media and the legal system paid little attention to hazing within these groups until the s. From then until now, BGLOs have experienced the injury and death of numerous, aspiring members. For example, in , after being beaten and forced to do calisthenics, Robert Brazile died pledging at the University of Pennsylvania.

A year later, in , Nathanial Swinson died at North Carolina Central University after being forced to perform a battery of grueling exercises. In , Vann Watts was beaten until bruised and died from alcohol poisoning while a student at Tennessee State University. Each of these young men had sought membership in Omega Psi Phi Fraternity.


Continue reading the main story Samantha von Sperling is an image consultant in New York, but lately her bread-and-butter Wall Street clients have asked her to help their daughters get ready for rush at schools like Harvard; the University of Wisconsin, Madison; and New York University, which has added three chapters since and more than doubled the number of sisters, to Sororities are emerging in surprising force at campuses not usually associated with the Greek tradition. Students raised on Facebook and fears about post-college careers view sororities as the ultimate social network and an extension of the community service begun in high school.

Nationwide, membership is up, growing a bit more than 15 percent from to , to , undergraduates, according to the National Panhellenic Conference , which represents 26 old-line sororities. Twenty-eight percent of female undergraduates at George Washington University last semester were Greek, about double that in ; at Lehigh University, in Bethlehem, Pa.

Just, and Edgar A. Love during the embryonic stage of development of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. at Howard University, Washington D.C. Between the period of March through October , there was staunch resistance to the Fraternity’s growth outside of the campus at Howard University.

SHARE Although studying creativity is considered a legitimate scientific discipline nowadays, it is still a very young one. In the early s, a psychologist named J. Guilford was one of the first academic researchers who dared to conduct a study of creativity. He challenged research subjects to connect all nine dots using just four straight lines without lifting their pencils from the page. Today many people are familiar with this puzzle and its solution.

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