Keep Your Hooks Happy with 10 Free Crochet Hook Case Patterns!

Yarn A hank of wool yarn center is uncoiled into its basic loop. A tie is visible at the left; after untying, the hank may be wound into a ball or balls suitable for crocheting. Crocheting from a normal hank directly is likely to tangle the yarn, producing snarls. Yarn for crochet is usually sold as balls or skeins hanks , although it may also be wound on spools or cones. Skeins and balls are generally sold with a yarn band, a label that describes the yarn’s weight , length, dye lot, fiber content, washing instructions, suggested needle size, likely gauge, etc. It is a common practice to save the yarn band for future reference, especially if additional skeins must be purchased. Crocheters generally ensure that the yarn for a project comes from a single dye lot. The dye lot specifies a group of skeins that were dyed together and thus have precisely the same color; skeins from different dye lots, even if very similar in color, are usually slightly different and may produce a visible stripe when added onto existing work. If insufficient yarn of a single dye lot is bought to complete a project, additional skeins of the same dye lot can sometimes be obtained from other yarn stores or online. The thickness or weight of the yarn is a significant factor in determining how many stitches and rows are required to cover a given area for a given stitch pattern.

Crochet Hook Case FREE Pattern

The Odyssey’s nickel-plated pewter neck is chrome-smooth, making for easy stitches and great crocheting speed. Improved Crochet Mechanics The Odyssey’s unique center of balance creates a weight differential, driving hand energy into crocheting momentum rather than hand strain. Made For The Human Hand A new streamlined shape is extremely comfortable and relieves acute tension in knuckles, hands, and wrists. Balance Weight driven forward into metal tip for crocheting momentum 25 1.

I have lots and lots of crochet hooks, like I’m sure most crochet-ers do! Well, let me tell all have a place now. Keeps yours together with this Crochet Hook Case FREE Crochet Pattern.

Crochet Terms Beginning chain does not count as a stitch Crochet the base, bottom pocket, then top flap. Crochet the border as you attach the pocket and top flap to the base see photos at bottom. Then, sew the separate pockets for the hooks. Finished measurements are It may be easiest to add stitch markers to keep in place. Ch 1, place 1 sc in each stitch and end of row around going through both front and back pieces. Place 2 sc in each corner.

Join to first stitch. Sewing Hook Pockets Using a long strand of yarn and tapestry needle, attach yarn in the bottom left corner of the pocket. Place smallest hook tightly inside pocket against the left side for guidance on where to sew pocket. Sew back down where you just sewed to get back to the bottom. Add next hook size and weave yarn across to get to the other side of the hook.

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If for any reason you’re unsatisfied with your Furls product, we’ll provide a full and complete refund. If we make a mistake We’re focused on giving you an ecstatic crochet experience, and have absolutely no other agenda. Let Furls take care of you, risk-free; we want our clients to be the happiest crocheters on earth.

WORKING ROW 1: How to Single Crochet Row 1 We will now begin working Row 1 of single crochet. Step 1: Make a slip knot and chain 6. Skip the first chain from the crochet hook, insert hook in the second chain through the center of the V and under the back bar of the chain. Bring the yarn over the hook from back to front (see illustration 17).

I had been wanting the accommodate numerous stitches in a width of a piece in order to practice the “Crochet-Knit” or Afghan stitches where you use both ends in a process of looping on for the first row, then, turning to work stitches off with a second color. These are good heavy metal hooks, but the width only does a maximum of 28 stitches with Sport weight yarn. I’m trying to do a man’s neck-scarf which will be beautiful when finished. The storage case is like a hard clamshell pencil case, whereas I was expecting something along the lines of a slim envelope.

Thank you Knitpicks for exceeding my expectations yet again! They are quite handy, comparable in feel, weight, and hook-end to a Boye crochet hook. The needles and hook case are a nice addition as well.

Ergonomic Aluminum Crochet Hook by Loops & Threads®

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Now with saying that keep in mind there are several methods of holding a hook, and I am going to show the two most popular ways of doing so before you decide which technique works best for you. Now if you end up holding your hook a little differently than the two methods shown in this lesson Crochet Video Tutorial Left Hand: Crochet Video Tutorial Holding a Crochet Hook Review Before you learn how to hold a crochet hook the first thing you need know is where the hook’s handle and thumb-rest found in diagram below are located.

This way when I talk about hook placement you won’t be completely lost. In the diagram below I also point out the hook’s shaft, point and throat just in case you are interested! I hope I am not stating the obvious, but just in case you didn’t already know the crochet hook is placed in your dominant hand. Knife Method or Over-the-Hook Method: It is just like it sounds

14 Crochet Hook Rolls, Cases & Clutches

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Use a crochet latch hook to insert the Marley hair through the top of the braid. Open up a crochet latch hook. Push it through the top of the braid, close to the roots. Hook it onto a strand of Marley hair, close the latch, and pull a few inches/centimeters of the Marley hair through.

Trust us, crochet is the Michael Jordan of craft right now. Or it would be if Michael Jordan was having a fabulous and unprecedented come back. We want handmade and authentic. We want to create things. We want to be sustainable and we want to be happy. Crocheting can do that for you. There will also be live events, streamed lessons and crochet-alongs to keep you inspired and motivated. Our resource library is full of yarn charts, hook conversions and high definition videos of standard stitches.

Looking for a resource for a particular stitch or technique? But after my lesson with Carly I can proudly say I have crocheted a gorgeous scarf and a baby blanket for my niece. Crochet Coach is clear and easy and Carly makes learning a lot of fun! It promotes the development of neural pathways in the brain that help to maintain cognitive health.

Keep Your Hooks Happy with 10 Free Crochet Hook Case Patterns!

CollectCollect this now for later Jennifer D. Single crochet in 2nd chain from hook and in each chain across – 44 single crochet at the end of this row. Chain 1, turn, working in back loops only, single crochet in each single crochet across. Repeat Row 2 until piece measures about 26 in. Do not fasten off.

20 Free Patterns for Crochet Hook Cases. 1. I’m happy you liked the round up for Crochet Hook Cases! Miriam says. 03/08/ at AM. I have been looking for crochet hook organizers, but have been unable to find one that fits my needs. The patterns in this blog have given me some great ideas to help me design my own.

Quick Crochet with a Q Hook: Tamara Kelly 16 Comments Crochet hooks range from the tiny little steel hooks used with thread, all the way up to the monster Z hook — a whopping 35mm hook only available by special order from custom hook makers. The Q hook is 15mm sometimes 16mm around, and is a great size for those who have trouble holding onto smaller hooks. They also make nice thick fabric at super speed. This cowl works up in an evening using Super Bulky yarn and is super easy to make — great for beginners!

Granny Shrug , by Thornberry: Make it in any size, from child to adult — just keep adding rows until the hexagons are the size you need. And how great would it be to make a blanket in a day! Plush Clutch by Trish Young, on genuine mudpie: I love the look of this super cushiony purse! This warm, thick headband is a great way to keep your ears toasty this winter!

Only 8 rows and done. So soft and plush, and a fantastic stashbuster! The cold weather can be hard on pets, but this pattern will have them warmed up in a flash.

4 Free Patterns

Learning just a tiny bit about materials and the basic single crochet stitch, you will easily be able to make items including scarves and blankets. As you learn even more about materials, different stitches, varied techniques, and reading patterns, you will be able to truly get creative with the items that you make. This guide will teach you the basics of crochet, including a few common stitches, and includes tips to point you in the right direction of areas for more learning in the future.

A couple of notes before we begin … These instructions are written for right-handed crocheters. They will tell the basics to left-handed crocheters who will reverse the directions when doing their own work.

Get crocheting with crochet hooks & needles from JOANN. Browse a large selection of crochet hook sizes & sets from brands like Dritz, Clover & Boye.

We are adding the pattern to your Crochet Patterns. The pattern was added to your Crochet Patterns. You must be logged in to save a pattern. Smaller hooks exist and are marked by numbers, but those steel hooks are mostly used for very fine yarn and thread, and they won’t be covered here. Yarn weights, also, are designated by numbers, and those range from 0 to 6, with 6 being the thickest and 0 being the thinnest.

Each yarn weight works the best with a few different hook sizes. If you need help choosing a crochet hook, we have a helpful guide to how to find your best crochet hook size , or you can check the yarn label when buying your yarn. Most labels will list the recommended yarn weight, though you can still switch it up if you tend to crochet tightly or loosely or you’re going after a specific effect.

If you already have a yarn and hook in hand, then check out the projects that best fit your crochet hook size. Learn everything you need to know about crochet hooks with this tutorial on Crochet Hook Sizes: Choosing the Right Hook Size Patterns by Crochet Hook Sizes Technically, you can make just about any hook size work with any yarn weight, but there are certain size combinations that work better with each other, as you’ll see here in this pattern collection.

These hooks are the smallest hook sizes you can get before going into the steel hooks category for lace yarn and thread.

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DIY Easy Comfort Crochet Hooks This is a really easy way to make your regular aluminum or plastic crochet hooks into comfort grip hooks by using pencil grips. You can find them in many large chain stores like Walmart, Target, dollar stores, office supply stores, etc. This is a great idea for someone who has sensitive hands arthritis, carpal tunnel, etc.

Add Tip Ask Question Step 1: Getting the Grips to Stay On Wrap your hook handle with masking tape up to the thumb rest the flat oval in the middle.

I present the JELLYROLL CROCHET HOOK CASE. You can hook yourself a case to store your hooks inside once you’re done hooking it with your hooks, Yo. It is fully customizable to any number of small or large hooks and colors.

All the yarn and two easy sets of instructions one in crochet and one in knitting for every project are delivered right to your mailbox! Spend more time stitching to your heart’s content! Now, there are two fast, fun and easy ways to indulge your passion for yarn! You get to choose whether to crochet or knit each project! Never again will another month pass you by as you try to figure out what to make next. With easy projects that range in skill level from beginner to advanced beginner, we guarantee your satisfaction with every kit or your money back!

You’ll dazzle yourself, your family and your friends with more projects than you ever dreamed you could start and finish in a year! Don’t forget, YOU get to choose whether to crochet or knit each design. You can crochet all the kits, knit all the kits, or you can alternate between the two techniques.

4 Free Patterns

May 27, By: Tamara Kelly 14 Comments What is a crocheter without his or her hooks? So here are 10 free patterns for crochet hook cases to keep your hooks safe and handy! Holds 10 hooks, and you can add plastic canvas for stiffness! A roll up case without pockets — grows right along with your collection! Love the pocket in the middle for notions and scissors!

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They have a different sheen and do work up slightly different, so I feel this is the best thing to do. Shown in project is Caron Simply Soft in the following colors and order to match the full set of Clover crochet hooks from smallest steel to largest Q size, which has 24 hooks total. Soft pink, soft blue, soft green, orchid, lt. There is no seaming of pockets afterwards and is a join as you go case!

The pockets fit snug, for me there is nothing worse than picking up your case and having the hooks all fall out. Due to seamless construction and bulk of the pocket, the project will bow out at the bottom, fear not, this will need some aggressive blocking and that will rectify that. As stated above, this item should be aggressively blocked so it lays flat and rectangular. Once the item is totally complete and the tails are woven in: Heavily dampen the case, squeeze excess water out, do not wring or twist.

Stretch, pull, and otherwise coerce the case into a nice flat even rectangle. Using non rusting pins, pin it in place on a blocking board, foam mat, mattress, folded up towels, basically anything to keep it flat that you can pin into. Let it dry undisturbed until completely dry. You must begin with at least one small slot, after that the order does not matter Ch

CROCHET: How to join granny squares for beginners

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