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I asked the owner if the bikes were for sale and when she said yes i walked over to take a look. One bike was a cheap women’s bike made by Huffy. I quickly ignored that one and looked at the other bike. Once I got home I started noticing more interesting things such as the original Wright’s leather saddle in very good shape not dried out and very much rideable and the Sturmey Archer front Dynohub. As for the frame, it seems straight and true and has less scratches then I would expect for a bike that the women said her ex-husband commutted on to college. Anyway, now to the important part.

Nuovo Record brake levers

Saturday, February 4, Wanderings of an ebay troll The troll is on the hunt for a woman with whom he can settle down and make babies with. But internet dating, although similar in some ways, is not ebay. With the modern convenience of powerful search engines even the neophyte enthusiast can gather useful information about rare and not-quite-so-rare bicycles and bicycle bits. But, thanks to the subtle complexities of the human condition, people are not quite so easy to classify, quantify and pigeon-hole.

Women, in particular, are notorious for not lending themselves to a rational assessment. Try to get an idea of a total stranger from a brief profile with no means of cross-referencing , add a blurred picture, and the whole thing gets very slippery indeed.

Dating and “PATENT” marks: The very first Nuovo Record RD’s were marked “PATENT CAMPAGNOLO” at top. By , this had changed to a simple “PATENT” marked on .

Online today Such bikes are actually not high quality and years ago, in Italy, they were everywhere. In the early 70’s they had a few different models – some pretty crude, some rather pleasant. And remember, with the recent economic turmoil, nothing is certain, least of all bicycle prices. Don’t place too much weight on these “guesses”, and please don’t plan to send your kids to college based on mortgaging your bicycle collection when the time comes.

The following prices, unless otherwise specified, are for bicycles in very clean original condition. Similarly, a one-time buyer might enter the market to make one purchase and they may not be educated about current market pricing. This is more pronounced when the item is extremely rare. Now that many vintage bicycles are sold in an auction environment, this is even more pronounced.

For example, a nice original condition late s Colnago in original paint with Campagnolo no-name calipers will be worth quite a bit.

Campagnolo Record Hubs/Hubset High Flange 32 Holes

Site viewed best at X display resolution, X minimum. The Nuovo Record was introduced to the world in , and formally entered the mass market in including some early production RD’s. Pulley cage stop, only:

Emily is a legal and sports business analyst, blending her experience as a practicing attorney and former NFL cheerleader. She provides regular live on-air legal analysis and sports business analysis for national television networks and local affiliate stations, and is a frequent contributor to sports radio shows and digital sports magazines.

No dings or dents. A lot of damages in I try to picture all these defects in attached album. These bike comes with C-Record BB and headset italian threads The previous owner says these frame was used by a professional team. Feel free to ask any question The set includes: Worldwide shipment with track number via Bpost. For a big package bikes. Frames, wheels in Europe we use GLS courier company.

For a big package in the rest of the world we use www. We don’t add shipping charge for packaging and use recycled material to package items. The shipping cost is almost exactly what I charged the postal company. The payment its preferred via bank transfer but also accept Paypal. The payment must be done 4 days after the payment or the item will be relisted.

We accept returns if finally you are not satisfied but please.

campagnolo delta brakes

Please note we can only match one item online per order. Our Price Match commitment is simple, if you find a cheaper price at one of our approved competitors, we’ll match it. For full details of who and what we match click here Then just fill out this form, giving us the details of the offer. Overall I have to say I am thoroughly impressed with this crank. Campag claims that it tests stiffer than their ultra-torque versions and with the larger spindle, I have no doubt that is the case.

Campag noted that they believe this is the lightest non-proprietary production crank on the market.

Anonymous said I have a Merckx with the serial number–H7C B Does anyone know anything about this, i believe it is a late 80’s frame.

The Campagnolo gruppo also included pedals, seatpost, headset and bottom bracket, along with the front and rear derailleurs. A Campagnolo brakeset would make its appearance 10 years later. The cones also may have a date code? Starting in the crank arms have a code consisting of a diamond ‘s , circle ‘s , square late Super Record , with a number in the center denoting the last digit of the year of manufacture some exceptions: The Nuovo Record rear derailleur has a patent date that corresponds to its manufacturing date starting in example “PAT.

The Record crankset is changed to a mm bolt circle 41 tooth minimum from the previous mm bolt circle 44 tooth minimum. As noted in the “Dating Campagnolo Parts” section above: From – Record crank arms were not dated on their backs From – the year of crank manufacture is the last digit in a diamond From – the year of crank manufacture is the last digit in a circle “11” in a rectangle means , “2x” means , and “3x” means The second digit supposedly represents the quarter of the year during which the arm was made.

As I understand it, The lip on the derailleur cage then made contact with the crankarms, so there was a slight change made in the arm profile and slightly wider spindle spec’d for the Nuovo Record bottom bracket.

Campagnolo bottom-bracket axles

Remember – incorrect assembly will invalidate any warranty so it is important to seek advice before commencing an assembly with these parts. What is the proper Campagnolo Warranty Procedure? The correct procedure depends on who you are, and how you came to own your Campagnolo parts. In the first instance you should consult your dealer to ensure that they are of the opinion that a warranty case may exist.

We are often in the position that we can’t see the component assembled onto the bike, so we rely to some extent on the retailer being able to see evidence of mis-adjustment, poor installation or misuse.

8-speed Campagnolo cassettes will not fit on newer “9-speed” and “speed” hubs. 9- and speed Campagnolo cassettes will not fit on 8-speed hubs. It is theoretically possible to upgrade Campagnolo 8-speed hubs with newer cassette bodies, but in practice the parts don’t generally seem to be available.

Cinelli Cino Cinelli autographed picture. An image of him wearing the maglia rosa. From the “Guerin Sportivo” dated From the “Il Nouvo Giornale Sport” dated Cino Cinelli is the Bianchi rider on the left, then Bartali looking in the other direction. Coppi is the one sitting down. Leoni is the one reading the results page. Cino, left, at Milan bike fair.

They were produced in small quantities in the best years till the company was sold to A. Columbo group in the late 70’s. Cinelli frames made up until that point where used used mainly for Olympic and World Championship teams ed.

Campagnolo crankset dating

This is a private offer! Gebrauchsspuren durch benutzung und das alter, kein Neuzustand halt Insgesamt guter erhaltungszustand siehe Fotos Lieferumfang: Dies ist ein privates Angebot! Item Description All items come as pictured unless otherwise noted in the description.

This GTV is now being offered with service records dating back to , the original owner’s manual and service booklet, and a clean California title in the seller’s name. 14×” Campagnolo turbina-style alloy wheels are fitted with Dunlop SP Sport tires which were mounted about 14k miles ago. The suspension has been modified with.

Sprockets with a built-in spacer were available in 5- 6-speed or 7- 8-speed narrower versions. It is sad to lose the interchangeability that formerly existed, but these hubs work so well that they have come to represent the new “standard. As a result, bent axles are rarely a problem with these hubs. A special tool is available to remove and retighten the lockring on the road, using the bicycle’s frame and chain to provide leverage.

This tool is of vital importance for a bicycle tourist. Turn the smallest sprocket counterclockwise with a chain whip, while holding the cluster from turning backwards with another chain whip. If you have a hub that only uses Uniglide cassettes, the best thing to do is to upgrade the hub by transplanting a Hyperglide body onto it. To remove the lockring, you need to turn it counterclockwise, but then the cassette will freewheel, so you need a chain whip to hold the cassette.

After replacing the cassette, the lockring should be tightened until it is snug, but not tightened with gorilla-like force — especially not if it may have to be removed on the road. The older Shimano cassette sprockets used a “twist-tooth” design, called “Uniglide. If you wore out your sprockets, or wanted different gear ratios, you could unscrew the cluster and install a new one. Beginning around , the Shimano “Freehub” largely replaced the conventional threaded rear hub.

How To Use And Adjust Quick Release Skewers

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